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I've removed the iodine and blood stains:w00t:
The murder scene is now clear.:mwahaha:

Pretty nice looking web series/comic

Since I am limited in what I can and cannot do I
have been reading things online a lot like a lot a lot..:meow:



Epic Pills of Epic Happiness by HappehPills

It makes me a whore with a keyboard.:icontyperhappyplz:

I take one and 40 minutes later I am replying
to comments on DA and I'm not even sure
I'm paying attention to what I'm posting:rofl:

I'm pretty sure I carried a conversation across
three replies to two people who were not involved in
the conversation.:bucktooth:

Having a healing incision in the middle of your abdomen
sucks for two reasons.
First, it hurts and is really uncomfortable.
Second, your range of motion is so limited you
really can't do anything besides sit and stand and
even that sucks.

I can feel the area where my appendix used to be.
It feels weird. I guess that's healing sensation.

I have two abscess drill holes in my belly and they
kept leaking a tiny spot of blood over the course
of the day/night.
The nurse said that's ok. I think she's out to get

pills by DiMsHiK
Welcome to the surgery by Matthias-Haker

Tomorrow (or 10 1/2 hours away)
I have to be at the hospital at 6am for a 7:30am surgery:faint:
I should be out of recovery and probably on my
way home at 10am.

The good news is I'll be home nice and early to do
absolutely nothing. There's not even a hockey game on
that I'd want to watch. So it's bad-movies-on-Netflix-nite.

If you want to see the gory details just You Tube an appendectomy.
They have a few on there. Bring popcorn!

So if I never come back it's because I'm dead:w00t:

Good stories with the bears you love

I played with the drums for two hours!

Last Meal by Koltov Nani by Cryophase

OLD DOUBLE Cover by toniinfante Doc Unknown #4 Cover by ryancody

Can you imagine falling into that? :omfg:
and the nurse said by G-Lulu

So my first surgery, the appendix, is the 24th of
The surgery that was postponed because of the
appendix is now scheduled for 2 1/2 weeks later.:faint:
Then three weeks after that I move.
Or that's the plan for now:bucktooth:

Oh yeah, it's raining ice and tomorrow I
get 4 to 8 inches of snow.

It's not as funny as the chick makes it out to be
but the puppy is entertaining.
surgery tools by phoelixde

I found out my surgery for the suicidal appendix
is March 24th:faint:

Also I am probably going to delete my stacks
of messages etc...because I was gone for like
three and a half weeks and I'm over 8.5k messages
and deviations after answering 200 a night for
three nights. I simply cannot catch up.

I'll answer some tonight and then *poof*
the rest have to go, I can't do it.

I am moving the last week of April so that
is probably another two weeks of message
The good news is I'll have space to set up
the scanner:w00t:
Right now I have to pull it off a shelf and sit
the scanner on a chair to plug it in and scan
items. Not fun.
I should find the discs...:paranoid:

Morad and sophie by JeanLaine
gummy vomit by stuntkid

I'm watching Knights of Sidonia on Netflix
It's not bad.
I'm just a fan of Tsutomu Nihei
...and I have nothing else to do:bucktooth:
I'm not allowed to really do anything, I sleep a lot, and
it's super mega cold out.

It's -1F/-18C outside.

I hate that commercial because I now can't stop
hearing the song ......

I spent 8 days in the hospital.

I highly recommend it. Every eight hours
I got a needle in my stomach. So that
meant at 4-6am every day someone would
wake me up for that.
Blood work was 6-7am and that has to be taken away from
the IV so my hands are all dotted with marks.

My IV pole had 4 bags on it at one point.
Every doctor insisted on pushing on my belly.
I had a total of 4 scans with 2 that required I
drink disgusting shit to help the imaging.
The best part was no food allowed for the first 6 days
and the relentless diarrhea.

I got home last night at like 6pm
The nurse asked if I wanted a wheelchair to be trollied
to the lobby
I said no and started putting on my shoes.:P

I'm tired and sore and in 5-6 weeks
I will have surgery to remove my appendix.
I can't have it taken out right now because the inflammation
is too widespread to be safe for surgery.

So I get to be miserable and swallow horse pills for a few weeks.

I found out my reaction to a shot was cellulitis…
Because we can't do things simple and easy here.

Being sick is an adventure

Does anyone have a Roku 3?
Still in hospital on a kindle.
5 days now. Maybe two more to go.
A shot caused a reaction in my arm, so
My elbow was mega swollen and required
A scan and ultrasound. So my elbow is
Keeping me here a day or two longer.

Kindles is hard
I am on a kindle fire.
I am in the hospital and have
Been here since weds night
My appendix was a sleeper cell suicide bomber.
I will be here a few more days.

Writing with kindles sucks.

My father just passed away after suffering a massive heart attack.
I'll be gone for a while.

Update I guess...
My heart is broken
I've cried myself almost dry
I haven't eaten in 20+ hours
It doesn't matter if you know it's going to
happen eventually at some point because we all
go there, it still hurts and it's always too soon

I'll probably be gone for a while
There's a lot to do to help my mom

Thank you for any support
New stuff on me profile page:eager:

News you need to know

A woman in a San Diego business noticed the toilet water
was a bit high so she plunged the toilet. A 5 1/2 long
snake came out of the toilet. Happy thoughts!:happybounce:…

Three dudes unbury a moose caught in an avalanche.:iconmooseplz:…

Story time!

Story Time: ParamoreStory Time: Paramore
I was one day in my sisters old room that was now empty. All that remained was a small bed in the corner, and then a desk which sat my very first desktop computer. It ran very slow and wasn't the greatest but to me it was my world. My greatest escape from reality. I was just a freshmen and I was alone but I was use to it. I locked myself away in that room for months and my family always would wonder what it was that I would do on that computer. Well readers, I'm about to unlock that mass mystery. There was a software called Limewire that was a free music downloading service. I had it on my computer and that is where I downloaded my music..what little music I had. I hardly liked anything at the time. I had this "grudge" against rock music for the longest time and wouldn't open up to anything other than pop and disney tunes. I was a miss goody two shoes. I also was a hard-core myspace user... I would sit on myspace for hours and just would wait for things to happen i

These parkour zombies will mess you up!

syystuntu by Silppuri  Puppe by Silppuri   Ludmila by Silppuri

The comet is still visible! Make it a point to watch it just once!
It will not be back for 8,000 years!!!!!
Once in a lifetime event! Do not miss out!

C 2014Q2 Lovejoy by phrostie
New videos and stuff on ye olden profile page:eager:

Once again, even after the same prank was just played like 10-11 months ago,
the gullible brainless people of the world actually think a planetary "alignment"
of Earth with Jupiter and Pluto will create a temporary zero gravity environment
on Earth.

It's bad enough that the prank was just pulled this past year.
What's worse is the prank is like 40 years old!
1976, British astronomer Patrick Moore made the announcement on
a radio broadcast.
He told the listeners to go outside and jump at a specific time so they
could feel the difference in gravity and the fucking dopes did it
and called in with their excited claims of reduced weight and slow
decents back to Earth.

So tomorrow morning several thousand morons will be jumping up
and down and they'll tell their friends how they floated for 3 and 4 seconds
before touching back down. Because they're idiots.:grump:

I'm allergic to stupid people.

Cool video. I want to be a homeless astronaut now

01 by Ogch

Remilia Scarlet by Ogch  Only her by Ogch

You won’t need fancy equipment to watch a dazzling space rock soar across the night sky early next month.

The Lovejoy comet, known to the scientific community as C/2014 Q2, is visible with the aid of binoculars throughout much of January. And it will be at its brightest on Jan. 7, 2015.

People in the countryside — far from the light population of major cities — will get to scope out the comet with nothing but their eyes.

The comet has an orbital period of roughly 11,500 years, so if you miss it this time around you won’t get another chance.…

Articles about and for viewing the comet…………

Really cool firworks thing.
The video is private so the recent upswing in shares
might result in the video poster taking it down.

:santarock: by Bad-BloodHappy Holidays, Winter Solstice, and Yule!:santarock: by Bad-Blood
New videos on the profile page:eager:

SpongeBob (Santa) by Jerikuto           

RIVERDALE, N.J. (AP) — Police say an elf on the sauce is facing drunken driving charges in New Jersey.

Riverdale police tell ( ) that 23-year-old Brian Chellis was found passed out in a car early Friday morning wearing an Elf on the Shelf costume.…

A middle school teacher in Oklahoma has been fired after school officials say she put students into her car trunk to run an errand.…
 Patrick (Santa) by Jerikuto        

Slave Leia by Peng-Peng

parkour by Stevenpdb
I can't see it because of regional cloud cover but maybe you can.
Meteor Shower by Web5teR

This link will take you to an article that will help you.
There will even be a live link to the Slooh cameras tomorrow:eager:…

Meteor Shower by KinnisonArc

This is the clear sky chart if you want to look for good spots
to view from.

For the best chances it's good to have a clear view of the Eastern horizon.
If you're in North America. Elsewhere? I dunno, sorry.

Check here for help in your region.

Hobo Cosmology by kylelatino

Table of Astronomy by Bnspyrd

Rhino fighter by RyanOttley
New videos and poll on the profile page:eager:

I think this would be more appropriate for a realistic vampire movie.
Underworld is all sexy and modern but why would pre-industrial revolution
immortals bother with following the times?

Tales of the Vampires by Jo-Chen

And people complain about GTA not having anything good in it!

GTA? by A-New-Power

I just hope that guy knew he was crap going into this production.:rofl:

Killer Santa by AGNakamura

8 Claws by red-anteater   Amphiptere 3 by red-anteater

Gorkey.psd by antz81  Commission - Deus by WhiteFoxCub………

Maps on this one…

When the views are over the Pacific it's crazy.
It's nothing but water and clouds, really really cool.
if you're lucky, you'll be over the Pacific with no clouds
and you can see the sun's reflection on the ocean.:eager:

Planetearth anime scenary by aventhepencilkiller